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My name is Adam Piacente, teaching professional and founder of Marin SAT Prep, an educational service that specializes in preparing students for college admissions exams.

Combining long experience in instructional course design with a comprehensive analysis of the tests, I have developed highly effective test prep courses that have significantly improved the scores of students at every level of ability.

And your scores will improve too!

Since 2006, Marin SAT Prep has tutored some of the highest scoring students in the Bay Area, but you don’t have to be a top scorer to see the benefits of our test prep programs. Students at every level of ability typically enjoy out-sized improvement over previous scores, while those who struggle with test anxiety or learning issues often benefit most from our services.


Founder of Marin SAT Prep, Adam Piacente is a retired attorney who designed and taught some of the very first law school courses in online legal research. He is the author of a number of textbooks on the subject as well as author and co-publisher, with Lexis Publishing, of the official launch guide for the legal research service.

After deciding to transition from law, Adam took a position as a private SAT tutor and soon began developing new and more effective teaching methods that proved so successful, Adam started his own education company.

In addition to private tutoring, Adam teaches SAT classes to students in the Huckleberry Wellness Academy and at San Rafael High School. He also speaks on admissions testing at Terra Linda and Novato High Schools.  Adam is available to speak with your group about admissions testing. Please contact us for more details.

Adam is also a member of Marin Promise Partnership’s College Enrollment Action Team (CEAT). Committed to helping close the educational equity gap, Marin SAT Prep established the Host a Free SAT Practice Test initiative, which assists local organizations in providing college aspirants access to a critically important educational opportunity.

"I’m so happy for and proud of (our niece).
We can’t thank you enough.
You delivered what you promised!"
Clients Say...
"(My home school student) scored
800 on her SAT Math Subject Test
to go along with her 36 on the ACT!
She will be attending MIT in the Fall!"
"I have kids not believing that I made a 300 point leap
and asking how I did it.
I told them about you so expect
more juniors to be coming your way."
"Your work with (my daughter) really paid off!
She was accepted early decision to Dartmouth!"
"(My 12 year-old daughter) did extremely well on her SAT tests
and was named a Caroline D. Bradly Scholar
by the Institute for Educational Advancement."
"Just wanted you to know that (my son)
was accepted to Cornell today.
His 34 ACT and 800 Math II scores I am sure played a big role!"
"You’re worth every penny."
"Another success story for Marin SAT Prep!
(My daughter) just ended her College Apps work
with the word from Columbia University. 
Off to NYC in the Fall!"
"I just got my score!
"We are so thrilled and grateful. Thanks again!
I hope it does the trick for college.
Oh, what a tough year it is out there."
"You are the greatest!
(Our daughter’s) higher SAT Math score undoubtedly made
a critical difference in her gaining admission to UCLA."
"(My son) got a 790 out of 800 on SAT Math.
It was amazing.
Math was what we were zeroed in on
for engineering schools and you did a phenomenal job."
"Yesterday I found out that I got into Stanford.
You were such a big part of the process for me,
and without your help I would never have done
well enough on the tests to make it."
"(My son) did better than he’s ever done on standardized testing.
  He credits you!"
"You’ve vindicated my daughter’s faith in herself,
my faith in her, and my initial judgment that you were DA MAN.
Amazing improvement due to your counsel!"
"(My daughter) absolutely loved working with you.
She said that you were very structured, organized
and your calm mannerism spoke very well to her.
She truly never minded going to see you,
even after a long day at school."
"(My daughter) ended up being
a National Merit Commended Scholar.
Tufts University in Boston it is!"
"I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your
guidance and knowledge you’ve shared with my son.
(He) was able to raise his ACT score from 28 to 33.
Thank you so much for helping him to achieve his potential."
"I am so thankful for everything you have done.
You helped increase my score by an insane amount!"

SAT or ACT Lesson Options

In addition to targeted content instruction, students are taught proven test strategies,
including special guessing techniques and time management plans
for efficiently tackling each subject and section.

Students also learn valuable, day-of-test tips to improve
focus and concentration while reducing test fatigue and anxiety.


Complete Course: 14-16 lessons
Covers every subject and topic tested.
Students are prepared for every question they are likely to see on the actual test and
are fully versed in all test strategies and tips.

Basic Course: 8-10 lessons
In-depth coverage of all subjects.
Also includes all test strategies and tips students need to succeed.

Procrastinator’s Special: 4-5 lessons
Broad overview featuring test strategies and performance tips.

Customize your own program:
We can always tailor a test prep program to your individual needs.
Please call for details.