My name is Adam Piacente, teaching professional and founder of Marin SAT Prep, an educational service specializing in tutoring for college admissions exams.

Combining long experience in instructional course design with a comprehensive analysis of the SAT & ACT, I have developed highly effective curricula that significantly improve test scores.

And your scores will improve too!

Since 2006, Marin SAT Prep has tutored some of the highest scoring students in the Bay Area, but you don’t have to be a top scorer to see the benefits of our test prep programs. Students at every level of ability typically enjoy out-sized improvement over previous scores, while those who struggle with test anxiety or learning issues often benefit most from our services.

Our success in improving scores is not limited to students from Northern California. Over the years, Marin SAT Prep’s online private tutoring has extended our reach to students in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Jose, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Boston, Calgary, Vancouver, Sydney, Edinburgh, and London.

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Targeted content review with our exclusive online materials and official practice questions.



Proven strategies, special guessing tips, and efficient time management plans for each subject.



Free practice tests and valuable test day techniques to sharpen focus and relieve anxiety.

Course Content

ACT / SAT Basics

Learn the fundamentals of test structure, timing, scoring, percentiles, and why studying for college admissions tests is so important. Basic standardized test strategies emphasized.

Students are taught effective strategies for efficiently reading and annotating passages, answering various question types, and properly managing difficult, ‘double passage’ question sets. Also includes an easy and effective technique that systematically targets the fundamental reason students most often miss reading questions.

Students review all grammar and structural language rules while learning valuable tips for answering each question topic. Contextual analysis emphasized for maximum score improvement.

We cover every math topic tested while discovering how to quickly identify the most efficient solution for each type of question. Students work progressively from easier to more difficult math questions – building confidence and developing the problem recognition and reasoning skills they need to succeed.

ACT test takers develop skills for efficiently identifying the relevant data points and properly interpreting results. Also included are crucial pacing strategies for this time-challenged section and tips for answering various types of ‘scientific method’ questions.

Students learn valuable test day tips to improve focus and concentration while reducing test fatigue and anxiety. What to eat, what to wear, and much more!


Founder of Marin SAT Prep, Adam Piacente is a retired attorney who designed and taught some of the very first law school courses in online legal research. He is the author of a number of textbooks on the subject as well as author and co-publisher, with Lexis Publishing, of the official launch guide for the lexis.com legal research service.

After deciding to transition from law but continue teaching, Adam took a position as a private test prep tutor and soon began developing new methodologies that proved so effective, Adam started his own education company in 2006.

Over the past 15 years, Marin SAT Prep has helped thousands of students achieve significantly higher scores on both the SAT & ACT, with Adam himself personally tutoring over 800 individual test candidates.

In addition to private tutoring, Adam also assists educational and non-profit organizations in finding innovative ways to provide college aspirants from all backgrounds access to quality, affordable test preparation.

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