Why the Marin SAT Prep System Works

We utilize a unique, customizable learning system specifically designed to optimize anyone’s score regardless of academic level or ability.

Official Questions
Marin SAT Prep uses official questions actually written by the test makers themselves.  Practicing with these official questions is essential to understanding the exact type and format of each question you are likely to see on test day.

Organized by Topic and Difficulty
While using official questions is by far the best way to practice, the questions are all jumbled up within different tests, which makes it extremely difficult to study individual topics.  We solve this fundamental problem by sorting official questions by topic (so you can practice the same question topic over and over until you master it) and by difficulty (so you can start with easy questions and progressively work your way to the hardest ones for each topic).

To master any topic:

        1. Read the rule, example, and any tips.                             2. Answer the questions in the order listed.


It’s THAT easy!


Because our experienced tutors are able to adapt the question order and selection to each individual student’s needs, this simple yet powerful test prep training system has been able to dramatically improve the scores of students at every level of ability.  And it can improve your scores too!

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